Our Story

In June 2008, I spent time in New York City. I was amazed and inspired by countless cupcakeries across the city. Regardless of how sophisticated or conventional the flavor, or how modern or traditional the bakery, I couldn't help but notice how happy everyone was - patrons and staff; young and old. It was then I realized the power of designer, gourmet treats. I made the difficult decision to leave a career in teaching to start the bakery. If we can bring the same amount of joy to your family, that’s success to me!

- Matt Fraker, Founder


We’re always excited to partner with other local businesses and organizations. In 2011, The Wine Loft began offering our cupcakes on their dessert menu and the response has been overwhelming. Let’s explore how we can work together.

Charitable Contributions

We make it a point to give back to the community. Every year, Frostings Bake Shop donates a portion of the sales of Wendy’s Red Velvet cupcakes to the Wendy G. Fraker Memorial Scholarship Fund that helps an aspiring chef in Carlisle, PA achieve higher education in culinary arts. While we wish we could accommodate every request, please send us an email if you have an opportunity we should consider.

Client Gifts

Our treats are a great way to thank your very best clients. There's no better way to leave a lasting impression. We'll even deliver for you. Let's explore how we can work together.

Cupcake Wars

We had so much fun competing on Season 4 of Cupcake Wars. We gave it our all and landed in second place to a talented duo from California. It's an experience we'll never forget! Check out the clip from our episode of Cupcake Wars!